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Anne Pro 2 Connect Bluetooth: A Best Keyboard For Gaming & Typing!

The Anne Pro 2 Connect Bluetooth is an advanced wireless keyboard designed for gaming and typing. It offers a fast connection with the included USB-C to Type C cable, allowing users to use their computer without having to worry about any interference from other devices. The keyboard also features RGB lighting, customizable keycaps, and full N-key rollover for precise inputs.

It’s powered by two AA batteries that provide up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The Anne Pro 2 also has built-in media controls as well as dedicated arrow keys for easier navigation when playing games or browsing the internet. All of these features make it one of the best keyboards available today for gamers who want a reliable yet affordable device.

Want to know about Bluetooth Technology?

How To Connect Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth *FIX*

The Anne Pro 2 Connect Bluetooth is the perfect tool for any tech enthusiast or gamer looking to upgrade their setup. With its powerful and reliable connection, it ensures a smooth experience while gaming or working with other wireless devices. Its sleek design and customizable RGB lighting make it easy to fit into any environment, adding an extra layer of style and sophistication without taking away from performance.

User Manual Anne Pro 2! Check This If You Need.

Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth Not Connecting

The Anne Pro 2 is a popular mechanical keyboard that supports Bluetooth connectivity. If you’re facing issues connecting it via Bluetooth, here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue:

  1. Check the Battery:
    • The keyboard requires adequate battery life to connect via Bluetooth. Make sure it’s charged. If you’ve been using it for a long time, the battery may also degrade and might need a replacement.
  2. Toggle Bluetooth Mode:
    • Turn off Bluetooth mode and then turn it back on. Sometimes, resetting the connection can help. You can toggle Bluetooth by pressing and holding the ‘Fn2‘ key and then pressing the ‘-‘ key.
  3. Reset the Keyboard:
    • There’s a small reset button on the back of the keyboard. You can press this button with a paperclip or a similar thin object. This will perform a factory reset and might solve any software glitches.
  4. Check Bluetooth Version:
    • Ensure your device supports the Bluetooth version of the Anne Pro 2. Compatibility issues can sometimes cause connection problems.
  5. Update Firmware:
    • Periodically, the manufacturer releases firmware updates that can fix known issues. Make sure your keyboard is running the latest firmware by checking the official website or the software associated with the keyboard.
  6. Remove and Re-Pair the Device:
    • On your computer or device, remove the Anne Pro 2 from the list of paired Bluetooth devices. Then try to pair it again. This can help if there was an issue with the initial pairing.
  7. Check Interferences:
    • Other electronic devices or even physical obstructions can interfere with Bluetooth connections. Ensure there are no such interferences nearby when trying to connect.
  8. Test on Another Device:
    • Try connecting the Anne Pro 2 to another device to determine if the issue is with the keyboard or the device you’re trying to connect to.
  9. Check Bluetooth Drivers:
    • If you’re trying to connect to a PC, ensure that your Bluetooth drivers are up to date. Sometimes, outdated or corrupted drivers can cause connectivity issues.
  10. Limit Concurrent Connections:
    • The Anne Pro 2 can remember multiple device pairings, but it can only be connected to one device at a time. Ensure you’re not trying to connect to multiple devices simultaneously.
  11. Consider External Factors:
    • External factors like low temperatures can sometimes affect Bluetooth performance. Ensure the keyboard is in an optimal environment.

If after trying these steps you’re still facing issues, it might be a hardware problem, and you might need to contact the manufacturer or consider getting a replacement.

Anne Pro 2 Connect Bluetooth Mac

The Anne Pro 2 Connect Bluetooth Mac is a great choice for those looking to connect their Mac device to their wireless keyboard. This wireless keyboard features PBT double-shot keycaps, full RGB backlighting, NKRO over USB and Bluetooth 5 connection support. It also has an onboard memory so you can save up to four sets of lighting effects or macros.

With its ergonomic design and adjustable feet, this keyboard makes typing on your computer comfortable and enjoyable.

Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth Connected But Not Typing

If you are having trouble connecting your Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth Keyboard, you may find that it is connected to your computer but not typing. This issue can usually be resolved by resetting the keyboard and then re-pairing it with your device. Make sure to check if there is a newer firmware version available for the keyboard as this could help resolve the issue.

Additionally, double-check that all of your cables are plugged in correctly and try disconnecting other devices from your computer before attempting to re-pair the keyboard again.

Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth Key

The Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth Key is one of the most popular wireless mechanical keyboards on the market today. It features a full-size, ergonomic design that is comfortable to use and has customizable RGB lighting for an enhanced gaming experience. Additionally, this keyboard has dedicated media keys and allows users to connect up to four devices simultaneously with its dual mode Bluetooth connection.

With its long battery life and fast response time, this keyboard offers an excellent option for gamers looking to enhance their setup with a stylish yet powerful peripheral.

Anne Pro 2 Software

The Anne Pro 2 is a popular 60% mechanical keyboard known for its wireless capabilities and customizable features. As of my last update in January 2022, the software that allows users to customize the Anne Pro 2’s key functions, RGB lighting, and other features is called “ObinsKit” (previously it was known as ObinsLab Starter).

Here are some general steps and features of the software:

  1. Downloading and Installation:
    • You can typically download the software from the official Obins website.
    • After downloading, follow the instructions to install the software on your computer.
  2. Connecting the Anne Pro 2:
    • Connect the keyboard to your PC using the USB cable.
    • Launch the ObinsKit software.
    • Your keyboard should be recognized by the software.
  3. Key Remapping:
    • With ObinsKit, you can easily remap keys to different functions.
    • Just click on the key you want to remap and choose the desired function from the drop-down menu.
  4. RGB Lighting Customization:
    • You can choose from a variety of preset lighting effects or create your own.
    • Adjust the brightness, speed, and direction of some effects.
  5. Macros:
    • The software allows you to create and assign macros to keys. This is useful for setting up key combinations or sequences of key presses.
  6. Profiles:
    • You can create different profiles for various tasks or games. Each profile can have its own key remappings and lighting setups.
  7. Firmware Updates:
    • Occasionally, Obins releases firmware updates for the Anne Pro 2 that provide improvements or new features. Using ObinsKit, you can easily update the firmware of your keyboard.
  8. Battery Status & Connection Settings:
    • If you’re using the Anne Pro 2 wirelessly, the software will display the battery status. You can also switch between Bluetooth devices if you’ve paired the keyboard with multiple devices.

When using the software, always make sure you save your changes and properly disconnect your keyboard to prevent any issues.

It’s possible that there have been updates or changes anytimes, so I would recommend checking the official Obins website or relevant forums for the most recent information regarding the software and any new features.

How to Connect Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth to Ipad

To connect the Anne Pro 2 keyboard to an iPad using Bluetooth, follow these steps:

Prepare the Anne Pro 2 for pairing:

  1. Ensure the keyboard is powered on.
  2. Press and hold the ‘Fn2' key (this key might be located at the bottom right of the keyboard).
  3. While holding the ‘Fn2‘ key, press ‘1', ‘2', ‘3', or ‘4' to choose a Bluetooth profile slot on the keyboard. The Anne Pro 2 can remember multiple Bluetooth devices, so you can choose any of the numbers (1-4) that you haven’t used with another device.
  4. Once you’ve selected a profile slot, the keyboard will start blinking, indicating it’s in pairing mode.

Pairing with the iPad:

  1. On your iPad, go to the Home screen and tap on “Settings.”
  2. In Settings, tap “Bluetooth.” Make sure Bluetooth is enabled (the toggle should be green).
  3. Under “Other Devices,” you should see “Anne Pro 2” or a similar name appear. If you don’t see it immediately, wait a moment as it may take some time to appear.
  4. Tap on “Anne Pro 2” or the name that appears for the keyboard. The iPad will pair with the keyboard.

Connection Confirmation:

After a successful connection, the Anne Pro 2 keyboard should move from the “Other Devices” section to the “My Devices” section in the Bluetooth settings on your iPad. The status next to its name should change from “Not Connected” to “Connected.”

Using the Keyboard:

Once paired, you can start using the Anne Pro 2 to type on your iPad. If you ever disconnect or move out of range, simply turn on the keyboard and press the corresponding Bluetooth profile slot (e.g., ‘Fn2 + 1‘ if you saved it in slot 1) to reconnect to your iPad.

Disconnecting or Switching Devices:

If you want to disconnect the keyboard or connect it to another device, simply turn off the keyboard’s Bluetooth or choose a different Bluetooth profile slot on the Anne Pro 2.

Remember that the Anne Pro 2 operates on a battery when using Bluetooth. Make sure it’s adequately charged to ensure uninterrupted use. If you experience any issues with the connection, it may be helpful to reset the Bluetooth settings on both the keyboard and the iPad and try pairing them again.

Obinskit Anne Pro 2

The Obins Anne Pro 2 is a great choice for anyone looking for an upgrade to their existing mechanical keyboard. It offers the convenience of Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity, as well as customizable RGB lighting and macro functions. With its ergonomic design and solid construction, it’s sure to provide a reliable typing experience that will last you years to come.

Anne Pro 2 Connect Bluetooth



Does Anne Pro 2 Support Bluetooth?

Yes, the Anne Pro 2 does support Bluetooth. The keyboard is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which allows it to connect wirelessly up to four devices at once and switch between them quickly and easily using its dedicated “FN + Q/W/E/R” hotkeys. Additionally, the keyboard supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for a more efficient connection that consumes less power.

With BLE enabled on your device, you can expect an even lower latency when typing on the Anne Pro 2 over wireless connections than what is already offered through wired USB-C connectivity.

How Do I Turn on Bluetooth on Anne Pro?

Turning on Bluetooth on the Anne Pro is easy and only requires a few steps. First, press the Fn + F4 keys to open up the system settings window. Once you’re in the settings window, click on “Bluetooth” in the left sidebar and then select “On/Off” from under it.

Finally, click “Yes” to confirm that you want to turn Bluetooth On. Your keyboard should now be connected via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily pair your device with other compatible devices such as speakers or smartphones.

How Do I Turn off Bluetooth on Anne Pro 2?

To turn off Bluetooth on the Anne Pro 2, press and hold the “Fn” button located at the top-right corner of your keyboard. While holding down this button, press the “+” key (located just below it) twice to enter into Bluetooth mode. Once in Bluetooth mode, select “OFF” from the available options and hit “Enter”.

Your Anne Pro 2 should now be disconnected from any paired devices or networks and all Bluetooth features will be disabled.

How To Reset Anne Pro 2 ?

If you’re looking to reset your Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard, follow the steps below. Please note that resetting your keyboard can clear your current settings, so ensure that you back up any important customization before proceeding.

Hard Resetting the Anne Pro 2 Keyboard:

  1. Unplug the Keyboard:
    • If your keyboard is plugged in, unplug it from your computer.
  2. Locate the Reset Button:
    • On the back of the Anne Pro 2, you will find a small pinhole (typically near the upper right or left corner, depending on the variant). This is the reset button.
  3. Press the Reset Button:
    • Using a paperclip, toothpick, or any similar tool, gently press into the pinhole to reach the reset button. Press and hold it for about 5 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the Keyboard:
    • After resetting, plug the keyboard back into your computer.
  5. Check for Functionality:
    • Test the keyboard to ensure that it’s working as expected.

Soft Resetting through the Software:

  1. Open the ObinsKit Software:
    • Connect your Anne Pro 2 to your computer and launch the ObinsKit software. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can download it from the official Anne Pro website or other trusted sources.
  2. Navigate to the Reset Option:
    • Once you have the software open, look for an option related to resetting or restoring the keyboard to its default settings.
  3. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
    • The software should guide you through the reset process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

After resetting, your Anne Pro 2 should be back to its default settings. If you were experiencing issues before, check to see if they have been resolved. If not, you might need to consider other troubleshooting steps or contact the manufacturer for support.

Is the Anne Pro 2 wireless?

Yes, the Anne Pro 2 is a wireless mechanical keyboard. It offers Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect it wirelessly to compatible devices. In addition to its wireless functionality, it can also be connected via a USB-C cable for charging and wired use. The Anne Pro 2 supports multiple device pairings, making it convenient for users to switch between different Bluetooth devices.

How long is Anne Pro 2 battery life?

Anne Pro 2, a popular 60% mechanical keyboard, comes with a built-in rechargeable 1900mAh lithium battery. The manufacturer, Obins, claimed that the battery life can last up to 8 hours on a full charge with the RGB backlight on. Without the backlight, or with minimal lighting settings, the battery life can be significantly longer, sometimes several days to a week depending on usage.

However, the actual battery life can vary based on several factors:

  1. Backlight brightness and effects: Using the keyboard with full RGB backlighting will consume more power than using it with a static color or with the lights off.
  2. Usage patterns: If you’re typing constantly, it will drain faster than if you’re using it sporadically.
  3. Bluetooth connectivity: Using the keyboard wirelessly via Bluetooth will consume more power than using it wired.
  4. Age of the battery: Over time, all rechargeable batteries degrade, which means they can’t hold as much charge as they did when new.

It’s always a good idea to check the latest user reviews or updates from the manufacturer for the most current real-world battery life experiences.

Is Anne Pro 2 customizable?

Yes, the Anne Pro 2 is a highly customizable mechanical keyboard, and it has been popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts for several reasons:

  1. Switch Choices: Anne Pro 2 offers a variety of switch options, such as Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh, among others. You can choose a switch type based on your typing or gaming preference.
  2. Keycaps: The keycaps on the Anne Pro 2 are replaceable, so you can customize them with any other set that uses the standard Cherry MX stem. This means you have a wide range of aftermarket keycap sets available to give your board a unique look.
  3. RGB Backlighting: The Anne Pro 2 features per-key RGB backlighting. Using its software, you can customize the lighting profiles, effects, and individual key colors.
  4. Macro and Key Remapping: With the associated software (ObinsKit), you can remap keys, create macros, and set up custom key functions. This is particularly useful if you have specific tasks you want to streamline or if you simply want to personalize the keyboard layout.
  5. Bluetooth Connectivity: One of the standout features of the Anne Pro 2 is its Bluetooth capability. This allows it to be paired with up to four devices, making switching between devices easy.
  6. Software Customization: The ObinsKit software for Anne Pro 2 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. With this software, you can perform most of the customizations mentioned above.
  7. Firmware Updates: The manufacturer releases firmware updates periodically, which can bring new features, improvements, or bug fixes to the keyboard.
  8. Compact Form Factor: The Anne Pro 2 is a 60% keyboard, which means it lacks a dedicated function row, numpad, and navigation cluster. This compact size is preferred by many for aesthetics and desk space efficiency.

If you’re into customizing your keyboard experience, the Anne Pro 2 provides a solid platform to start with. However, as with any tech product, it’s a good idea to read reviews and do thorough research to make sure it meets all your needs and expectations.

Does the Anne Pro 2 have RGB?

Yes, the Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard does feature RGB backlighting. It allows for customizable lighting effects and individual key color configurations through its software. The RGB lighting on the Anne Pro 2 is one of its standout features, giving users the ability to personalize their keyboard’s appearance to match their aesthetic preferences or setup.

How do I change the RGB on my Anne Pro 2?

The Anne Pro 2 is a popular mechanical keyboard that offers RGB backlighting with multiple customization options. Here are the steps to change the RGB on your Anne Pro 2:

  1. Using the keyboard’s built-in controls:The Anne Pro 2 comes with on-the-fly controls for RGB lighting:
    • Fn2 + 9: Toggle between different lighting modes.
    • Fn2 + -: Slow down lighting animation speed.
    • Fn2 + +: Speed up lighting animation speed.
    • Fn2 + 0: Turn on/off static lighting. Once static lighting is turned on, you can use:
      • Fn2 + R: Increase red
      • Fn2 + T: Decrease red
      • Fn2 + G: Increase green
      • Fn2 + H: Decrease green
      • Fn2 + B: Increase blue
      • Fn2 + N: Decrease blue
  2. Using the ObinsKit software:This software allows for more granular control of the RGB settings.
    1. Download and install the ObinsKit software from the official website.
    2. Connect your Anne Pro 2 to your computer.
    3. Open the ObinsKit software.
    4. You should see your keyboard recognized on the interface.
    5. Navigate to the lighting or RGB section.
    6. From here, you can customize the RGB effects, colors, and patterns to your liking. The software provides various presets, but also offers custom layers and lighting profiles.
    7. After making your desired changes, click to apply/save. Your Anne Pro 2 will update to reflect the new lighting configuration.
  3. Mobile App:Anne Pro 2 also offers a mobile app for RGB customization on both iOS and Android platforms. This can be convenient for users who prefer tweaking settings through a mobile device.
    1. Search for the Anne Pro app on the App Store or Google Play Store and install it.
    2. Connect your keyboard to your mobile device via Bluetooth.
    3. Open the Anne Pro app.
    4. Navigate to the RGB/lighting section and adjust the settings as desired.

These are the primary methods to change the RGB on the Anne Pro 2. Depending on your preferences and how detailed you want your customization to be, you might prefer one method over the others.


In conclusion, the Anne Pro 2 Connect Bluetooth is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy to use and reliable Bluetooth keyboard. It offers plenty of features, such as hot-swappable switches and RGB lighting that add to its appeal. The battery life is impressive and it’s lightweight enough to take on the go with you.

Overall, this keyboard has been praised by many users as being one of the best keyboards available in terms of design, performance and value for money.