Is There A Karaoke App for Roku: Sing Your Heart Out at Home!

Is There A Karaoke App For Roku? Yes, there is a karaoke app for Roku. It is called Karaoke Party and it is available through the Roku channel store. The app allows users to choose from over 8,000 karaoke songs in various genres and languages with lyrics displayed on the screen.

Users can also add friends to their private rooms so they can have virtual singing competitions or start duets together. They also have access to voice-enhancing effects such as echo and reverb. Additionally, they can record themselves while singing and share their performance online with family and friends or on social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Rocking the Mic: Karaoke Apps for Roku!

Yes, there are several karaoke apps available for Roku. Here are some popular options:

Karaoke Party by Redkaraoke:

  • This app allows users to sing along with a large collection of songs, and it’s suitable for parties or solo performances. The app provides lyrics on screen, and some songs come with the original music videos.

The KARAOKE Channel:

  • This app offers a vast library of karaoke songs from various genres and eras. Songs come with color-changing lyrics on screen, which help singers follow along. There are free songs, but a subscription unlocks the full library.

Karaoke Cloud:

  • Karaoke Cloud offers a decent-sized library of songs, and they add new songs regularly. Like other apps, it displays lyrics on screen for users to sing along.


  • Singa is a relatively new player in the karaoke scene but offers a wide range of songs across different genres. It provides lyrics on screen and often has a free trial for new users, after which a subscription is required.

When considering a karaoke app for Roku (or any platform), always check the available song list, as the catalog can vary significantly between apps. Additionally, some apps may require a subscription or in-app purchases to access the full song list or certain features. It’s a good idea to read user reviews and, if possible, start with a free trial before committing to a subscription.

Roku hacks you aren’t using (but should)!

Yes, there is a karaoke app for Roku! The Singing Machine Karaoke App gives users access to thousands of karaoke songs and videos. With this app, you can easily browse through the library of available content, search by song title or artist name, create playlists and start singing like a star!

You can also connect with friends using social media integration so that you can share your favorite performances and duets. The party never stops when you have the Singing Machine Karaoke App on your Roku device!

Free Karaoke App on Roku

Roku, the leading streaming provider, now offers a free karaoke app for users to access on their Roku devices. With this new app, users can stream thousands of karaoke songs from popular artists and genres in any language with lyrics displayed on screen. This is a great way to get your singing practice in or just have some fun with friends!

Best Karaoke App on Roku

The KARAOKE Channel was one of the most popular and well-reviewed karaoke apps available on Roku. It boasts a broad library of karaoke songs from various genres and eras. Features include:

Vast Song Library:

The app offers a significant number of tracks, spanning various genres, making it suitable for different tastes and age groups.


Songs on The KARAOKE Channel often come with high-quality videos, with color-changing lyrics that synchronize with the music, making it easier to follow along.

User Experience:

The interface is user-friendly, and navigating through the app is intuitive.

Subscription Model:

While the app offers some free songs, a subscription unlocks the entire library, giving you unlimited access to all tracks.

However, the “best” karaoke app can be subjective and might depend on individual preferences, such as the type of songs you prefer, the user interface, and the quality of audio/video playback. It’s always a good idea to explore a few options, take advantage of any free trials, and choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and needs.

Karaoke at Home App

Karaoke at Home App is an app that allows users to bring the fun of karaoke into their own living room. This app features a wide selection of popular songs from various genres and artists, as well as options for creating custom playlists or soloing your favorite tunes. It also includes a voice-recording function so you can share your rendition with friends and family.

With Karaoke at Home App, anyone can be the life of their next party!

Karaoke on Demand Roku Cost

Karaoke on Demand is an awesome and affordable way to enjoy karaoke from the comfort of your own home. With a Roku device, you can get access to thousands of songs for as little as $8 per month or $80 per year. Plus, you can stream directly from your TV with no additional hardware required!

Whether you are looking for a fun night in with friends or just want to practice your singing skills, Karaoke on Demand is sure to be the perfect fit for any budget.

Karaoke on Demand Song List

Karaoke on Demand provides an extensive library of over 140,000 songs to choose from, making it one of the most comprehensive karaoke song lists available. Whether you’re looking for classic hits or modern favorites, Karaoke on Demand has something for everyone. Their easy-to-use search feature allows you to quickly find your favorite tune and start singing along right away!

With such a wide selection of music genres and artists available, there is sure to be something that will get everybody in the mood for singing.

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Karaoke App On Roku: Problem And Solutions!

Karaoke apps on Roku, like any software, can occasionally face issues. Here are some common problems users might encounter, along with their potential solutions:

Problem: App Doesn’t Load or Crashes

  • Solution:
    • Restart the App: Exit the karaoke app and reopen it.
    • Restart Roku: Restart your Roku device through the settings or by unplugging it and plugging it back in after a minute.
    • Reinstall the App: Remove the karaoke app from Roku and then reinstall it from the Roku Channel Store.

Problem: Songs Don’t Play or Buffer Constantly

  • Solution:
    • Check Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable and has decent speed. Karaoke apps often stream songs, so a solid connection is essential.
    • Router Restart: Restart your Wi-Fi router to refresh the connection.
    • Wired Connection: If possible, consider using a wired Ethernet connection for a more stable experience.

Problem: Audio and Video Sync Issues

  • Solution:
    • Update the App: Check if there’s an update available for the karaoke app. Updates can resolve known issues.
    • Update Roku: Ensure your Roku device’s firmware is updated to the latest version.
    • Adjust Audio Settings: Navigate to the Roku settings and adjust audio settings, like the audio mode or HDMI settings.

Problem: Subscription or Login Issues

  • Solution:
    • Verify Credentials: Ensure you’re entering the correct login credentials.
    • Check Subscription: Verify if your subscription is active and not expired.
    • Contact Support: Reach out to the karaoke app’s customer service for assistance.

Problem: Microphone Doesn’t Work

  • Solution:
    • Compatible Microphone: Ensure you’re using a Roku-compatible microphone.
    • Check Connections: Make sure the microphone is properly connected, whether directly to the TV, Roku, or another intermediary device.
    • Adjust Settings: Some TVs or sound systems might have settings related to external microphones. Navigate through settings to find and adjust these options.

Problem: Poor Video/Audio Quality

  • Solution:
    • Check Internet Speed: Slow internet can reduce streaming quality. Test your internet speed and consider upgrading your plan if necessary.
    • Adjust App Settings: Some karaoke apps might allow you to adjust streaming quality. Setting it to a higher quality might improve the experience but will use more data.

Problem: Missing Songs or Content

  • Solution:
    • Content Licensing: Not all songs might be available due to licensing restrictions. It’s a common issue with karaoke platforms.
    • Request Songs: Some apps might allow you to request songs to be added to their library.

When facing issues with any Roku app, it’s also helpful to consult the app’s official support channels or forums, as they might have more specific solutions or troubleshooting guides tailored to that app.

FAQs Of Is There A Karaoke App for Roku!

Are there karaoke apps available on Roku?

Yes, Roku offers several karaoke apps such as The KARAOKE Channel, Karaoke Party by Redkaraoke, Karaoke Cloud, and Singa.

Do these karaoke apps require a subscription?

While some karaoke apps offer free songs or trials, many require a subscription or in-app purchases to access their full library or premium features.

Can I use my own microphone with Roku for karaoke?

Roku devices don’t directly support microphones. However, if you have a sound system connected to your TV that supports microphones, you can use it for karaoke while streaming lyrics and music from the Roku.

Is there a delay or lag between the audio and video on karaoke apps?

This can vary based on the app and your internet connection. However, most karaoke apps strive to keep the audio and video in sync. If you experience lag, consider checking your internet connection and adjusting relevant settings.

How often do these karaoke apps update their song libraries?

This varies by app. Some apps update their libraries regularly with new releases and popular tracks, while others may have less frequent updates.

I’m experiencing buffering issues. What can I do?

Ensure you have a stable and robust internet connection. Consider restarting your router or using a wired connection for improved stability. Also, check if other devices on your network are using a lot of bandwidth.

Are lyrics displayed on-screen with these apps?

Yes, karaoke apps on Roku typically display the song lyrics on-screen in sync with the music, allowing you to follow along.

Can I record my karaoke sessions with these apps?

Some apps may offer recording features, but not all. Check the specific features of each app to see if recording is supported.

Do these apps support duets or multiple singers?

Most karaoke apps support solo singing with on-screen lyrics. However, duet support can vary by app and song availability.

Are there any karaoke apps for kids on Roku?

Many karaoke apps have songs suitable for kids, but for a more kid-centric experience, you might want to look for apps specifically designed for younger audiences.

Does Roku Have a Free Karaoke App?

Yes, Roku does have a free karaoke app called Yokee Karaoke. It’s an easy to use app that allows you to search for your favorite songs and sing along with the included backing tracks. You can even record yourself singing and upload it to social media or save it in your library for later playback.

The app is available for free on the Roku store and includes access to over 100k popular karaoke songs from all genres, including pop, rock, country, hip-hop and more.

How Much is Roku Karaoke?

Roku karaoke is priced differently depending on the device you choose. The Roku Express HD and Premiere devices cost $29.99, while the Ultra costs $99.99. These prices include access to over 40,000 songs from hundreds of different genres, as well as a variety of other features like pitch control, vocal effects, key change and more.

In addition to these fees there are also subscription plans available which can range in price from $3.99/month to $14.95/year depending on your specific needs and preferences when it comes to music streaming services or video-on-demand content providers like YouTube Music or Spotify Premium+.

Is Karaoke on Demand Free?

Karaoke on Demand is not completely free, but there are a number of services out there that offer free streaming karaoke content. For example, YouTube has a large selection of karaoke videos which can be streamed for free. Additionally, some websites and apps like Smule and KaraFun have both paid and free options for streaming karaoke music with lyrics on demand.

The majority of these sites require users to sign up for an account before accessing the content, though some may also offer limited access without signing up first.

Is There a Free Karaoke App for Smart Tv?

Yes, there is a free karaoke app for smart TVs. Singa is one of the most popular karaoke apps available for smart TVs. It allows you to access over 65,000 songs from various genres and languages including Bollywood, K-pop and English hits.

You can also create your own playlists with your favorite singers or just browse through existing ones. The app also provides vocal effects and sound mixing options to make your performance even more enjoyable. With its easy-to-use interface and voice recognition technology, Singa helps you become the star of any party!


In conclusion, the Roku streaming device is a great way to access karaoke content. While there is not currently an official Karaoke app for Roku, users can still access and enjoy their favorite karaoke songs by using one of the many third-party apps that are available. With these apps, users can find all their favorite karaoke songs and easily stream them to their TVs or other devices with a Roku streaming player.