Best Microphone For Female Voice Over

Best Microphone For Female Voice Over: Check Our Ultimate Guide In 2022!

Is it too hard to find the best microphone for female voice over in 2022? How will you choose the best studio Microphone for female vocals? Indeed it’s super tricky to decide as you have to consider audio quality, pitch, durability, budget, and of course, personal preferences. Hey, cheer up because we have answered all of your queries in this content.

Trust me; once you find the best microphone, it will open up a new world of voiceover for you. A high-end microphone can ensure a crispy, clear & professional sound in each & every recording. On the contrary, a low-quality mic will produce only shabby sounds in spite of multiple edits. I bet you don’t want to annoy your audience with muffled noises after giving your 100% effort.

That’s why our team has conducted detailed research with the top sound engineers and highlighted the ten best mics for female vocals. I’m sure that our content has answered all of your queries as well. So, don’t procrastinate, buddy, and be ready to rock with your soothing voice.

How Does A Microphone Work?

The microphone is basically a transducer that collects sound waves and converts them into electric analog signals. Usually, other components perform as amplifiers for the conversion of an analog signal to a digital signal. However, several microphones might feature built-in preamps to perform amplification.

What Are The Basic Types Of Microphones?

If you go through the modern market, you will see a wide range of microphones. The most common types are – condenser, dynamic & ribbon microphones.

Condenser Microphone:

The condenser mic is relatively more sensitive and features a large diaphragm. It has an internal capacitor for the conversion of acoustic energies to electric signals. As it can accurately act in accordance with sound waves, the production of rich quality sounds is super convenient. Be very careful to use a condenser mic as they can also catch extra noises from the surroundings.

We would recommend them for indoor studio recordings, podcasts, audiobooks, and voiceovers due to their superior dynamic range, high-frequency response, and sensitivity.

Dynamic Microphone:

If you require a mic for versatile usage, go for dynamic microphones without hesitation. It uses modern electromagnetism for signal transduction. As it can dial specific frequencies without any feedback, the overall sound quality is pretty incredible.

The dynamic microphone is the best choice if your background is relatively noisy. Why? Because it is less sensitive, it can isolate and smoothen the imperfections of the voice. Whether it is Streams, outdoor Recording, or broadcast, a Dynamic microphone is the best option indeed.

Ribbon Microphone:

Ribbon mics are not popular among voiceover artists. Its overall construction is similar to condenser microphones. However, it features an ultra-thin & delicate aluminum plate instead of an internal capacitor. Some artists prefer ribbon microphones due to their smoothening features & amazing sound quality. If you plan to go for the best ribbon mic for female vocals, please be aware as they are pretty delicate.

Dynamic Vs. Condenser: Which mic is best for vocals?

The major constructional difference between Dynamic & condenser mics is – dynamic mics feature a coil. In contrast, a condenser mic has a capacitor for transduction. Let’s discuss Dynamic Vs. Condenser Microphone in a tabulated way:

Condenser MicrophoneDynamic Microphone
The condenser mic has low sensitivity.Dynamic mics are highly sensitive.
It features a large diaphragm.The diaphragm is relatively small.
The dynamic range is wide.Its dynamic range is narrow.
It can easily pick out the background noises.It doesn’t pick background noises and focuses on your voice instead.
It is not designed for voice smoothening.It can smoothen voice imperfections.

The condenser mic is super sensitive and highly recommended for voice recording, specifically if the studio has acoustic conditions. However, go for dynamic ones if you plan to do outdoor recordings or the background is noisy.

What To Consider To Pick The Best Voice Over Microphone 2022?

Rita is a rising singer and wants to purchase the best mic for singing online. She was having a hard time, and that’s why she contacted our team.

I believe you are undergoing the same issue, ain’t you? Obviously, you just can’t choose a random microphone as the sound quality & pitch can have a huge effect on your performance. So, what would you consider before purchasing the best microphone for female vocals live?

We have already discussed different varieties of microphones in the previous segment. Other than that, you can also consider-

Connection Type:

On the basis of connection, there are two types of mic available, namely – USB & XLR. USB Microphone is a ready-made solution for voice recording where XLR is a bit complicated to use.

USB Microphone:

If you are looking for a lightweight, durable and affordable mic for beginner-level voice recording, a USB microphone is a great option. As it features a built-in audio unit, its overall construction & usage is simple. We found it perfectly suitable for podcasts, and indoor and non-commercial recordings.

XLR Microphone:

It is a versatile but expensive unit suitable for professional & outdoor recordings. Unlike a USB mic, it’s not a ready-made solution. It requires accessory equipment like XLR cables & audio units. We would specifically suggest it for outdoor recordings, professional/ commercial studios, and on-stage performance

Size Of The Diaphragm:

Don’t forget to consider the size of the diaphragm! It’s mandatory as the size determines the microphone’s capacity to capture sounds.

Large Diaphragm:

Large diaphragms are super sensitive and can capture the sound of all frequencies. Their dynamic range is wide enough to produce deep vocals. Large-diaphragm mics are indeed the best option for voiceover, professional studio use, or podcast.

Small Diaphragm:

Small diaphragms can capture mid-low to high frequencies (around 120 dB). As it is relatively less sensitive, you can use it for regular studios or rooms & live events.


According to the microphone’s sensitivity pattern, there are five types of microphones, such as –


If you require the best type of microphone for voiceover artists, then a one-directional cardioid mic is certainly the best one. It can only record the direct sounds & side sounds.


Sub Cardioid mics can capture more of the background noises along with direct & side sounds.


Omnidirectional microphones are not appropriate for voiceovers as they can record sounds from all directions.


This microphone is appropriate for chats when two individuals are sitting face to face. Thus, it can record the direct & rear sounds only.


Shotgun microphones are relatively pricey and especially suitable for filmmaking. Still, some voiceover actors love shotgun mic as it can record clear vocals even in a noisy background. Its Basic feature is – it can record both far and near sounds with superior clarity & efficient noise reduction.

What Mic Does Voice Actors Prefer?

Condenser mics are commonly used among voice actors because they can record middle and upper frequencies in detail. As it is more sensitive and features a wider dynamic range, you can expect a detailed response in field recordings.

How Much Does A Voice Over Mic Cost?

As a beginner voiceover artist, you might think – ‘The costlier; the better’ might be the motto when you are up for purchasing the best mic for soft female vocals. Honestly, that’s not always the case. You can easily purchase a decent microphone by investing around $100 to $400.

You don’t necessarily need to go for a high-end $1000 microphone. However, you can expect your budget microphone to perform the best if you were wise enough before purchasing. According to Justin David Proctor, you don’t have to be a bells & whistles type to be a pro in audio recording. Just be simple & wise to choose the best one.

Our Top 3 Suggestions In 2022!

  • Best Condenser Microphone For Incredible Sound Quality:
    Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone.
  • Best Dynamic Microphone For Live Female Vocals:
    Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone.
  • Best Condenser Mic For Female Vocals:
    Rode NT1-A Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone.

10 Best Mic For Female Vocals: Check The Latest Reviews Now!

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming:

Do you want to purchase the best USB mic for female vocals? Do you require a mic that can offer a clear and premium quality sound for podcasts, music & YouTube videos? No worries, as the Yeti microphone can produce professional-quality sounds with enhanced vocal modulation & effects. It features four pick-up patterns together for advanced recording. You can take full control of the studio recording by being in charge of volume adjustments, instant mute, mic gain, multiple mic patterns, and many more.


  • Blue Yeti microphone features a 3-layered array to produce high-quality & clear sound suitable for podcasts, music, twitch & game streaming.
  • The audience will enjoy your performance indeed due to advanced voice modulation, HD audio & broadcast vocal effects.
  • It features four patterns, including cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional & bidirectional patterns for easy & flexible recording.
  • The company wants you to conquer 100% control. That’s why they have offered multiple features, including mic gain, volume control, pattern selection, and many more.
  • Just connect it to the Mac or PC via USB cable, and the microphone is ready to go.


BrandBlue Yeti.
Dimensions4.9″ x 4.7″ x 11.6″.
Weight3.2 lbs.
Model Number988-000103.
Connection TypeUSB.
Hardware InterfaceUSB.
Power SourceElectric cord.
Battery Requirements1 Li-ion battery.
Compatible DevicesPC, amplifier, headphones.
Wattage0.13 Watts.
Voltage5 V.
Hardware PlatformsPC.
Included AccessoriesUSB cable, desktop stand.


  • Yeti microphone has high fidelity & accuracy.
  • The audio quality is better than other competitors.
  • Its overall build quality is praiseworthy.
  • Their built-in headphone jack ensures no delay for radio streaming.
  • The mic is great for streaming, dictation & podcasting.


  • The customer care is not supportive.


Does it work for singing?
Yes, its sound quality and vocal effects are pretty incredible for singing.

Will you require a poop filter?
No, it’s not that beneficial to go for a poop filter, especially when you are streaming.

WHAT cable does Blue Yeti use?
They come with a mini USB cable.

How long is the USB cable?
The cable is around 6 feet measuring from the type A plug’s tip to the type B plug’s tip.

Are blue yeti microphones worth it?
Yes, they feature four pick-up patterns and three capsules to produce the most professional level sound in recording, podcasting, or streaming.

Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone:

Do you need a microphone for online gaming, streaming twitch, or interviews? If yes, the Blue Snowball iCE mic can be an awesome addition to your daily life. As it is certified by Skype & discord, conducting interviews, meetings & streaming together has become a piece of cake.

The audio quality of the Blue Snowball USB Microphone is much more up-to-date than the built-in mic. Their cardioid mic & condenser capsule can capture & deliver clear & focus vocals for voiceovers, podcasts & streaming.


  • Blue Snowball features a custom condenser capsule to produce a crystal clear sound.
  • Their Cardioid pick-up pattern can capture focused voice for streaming & voiceovers.
  • The mic is certified by different social media platforms like discord, zoom, and Skype.
  • They tend to add the feel of the studio to your desktop system with their retro designs & two stunning color options.
  • Use the USB cable to connect the microphone to the PC.
  • The integrated tripod system ensures a convenient positioning of the mic.


BrandLogitech for Creators.
Dimensions10.6″ x 5.5″ x 9.1″.
Weight1 lb.
Model Number988-000067.
Connection TypeUSB.
Hardware InterfaceUSB.
Power SourceElectric cord.
Battery Requirements1 Li-ion battery.
Compatible DevicesPC.
Hardware PlatformPC.


  • It’s a USB microphone that offers a crystal clear sound quality.
  • This is the best condenser microphone available at an affordable range.
  • It is super convenient to use.


  • The microphone can capture background noises.


Is iCE or a regular snowball better for singing videos?
iCE can perform better for solo recording comparatively as it is not omnidirectional like the snowball. Instead, it features a Cardioid pick-up pattern. Thus, a regular snowball mic would be great for group recording.

Is it compatible with ps4 & Xbox?
Yes, just plug the microphone, and it will play with ps4 or Xbox.

Can you connect it with a Canon XF105 Camcorder?
No, it only functions with a PC, and it is not compatible with any camera’s USB port.

Can it function on a Mac?

Yes, it can conveniently work on iMac, Hack-a-Mac & other ios devices.

Do you require a battery to operate this mic?
No, it is operated by the USB plug.

Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser Microphone:

Do you need the best condenser mic for female vocals? Do you require a high-end USB mic to produce crispy vocals? If yes, Audio Technica AT2020USB+ can be a great option indeed. Its overall sound quality & control is far better than the competitors. The mic can produce excellent sound & studio-like audio articulation with its cardioid pick-up pattern & off-axis rejection. Due to its smooth & superior frequency response, it is highly recommended for podcasting, home studio recording, audiobooks & voiceovers.


  • Audio Technica is a condenser microphone that can support digital communications via a USB connection.
  • The USB communication is compatible with XP, 2000, Vista, Mac OsX & Windows 7.
  • It can produce high-quality sounds with 44.1/48 kHz rate & 16 bit.
  • It is a high-end amplifier that produces audio with superior clarity, detail & volume.
  • This mic features a built-in headphone jack and volume control for proper monitoring & control over the audio signals.
  • Use the mix control feature to ensure proper blending of pre-recorded vocal & microphone signals.


BrandAudio Technica.
Dimensions‎6.38″ x 2.05″ x 2.05″.
Weight13.6 ounces.
Model NumberAT2020USB PLUS.
Connection TypeUSB.
Hardware InterfaceUSB
Power SourceElectric cord.
Battery Requirements1 Li-ion battery.
Compatible DevicesHeadphone.


  • Overall, the construction is durable enough.
  • The mic can produce crispy sounds without noise.
  • It is the best choice for Recording audiobooks & music


  • Many customers had issues with the USB driver.


Does the package contain any XLR cable or stand?

Is it possible to connect it with a MacBook pro?
Purchase a USB conversion box to use this mic as a USB mic and connect it with the Macbook.

Is it a one-directional mic?
Yes, it features a front cardioid pattern to pick the clearest sound only from the front and cancel out the back noises.

Is AT2020USB+ compatible with Windows 10?

No. It is not compatible with Windows due to the bug in the USB drive. Even though the mic can connect to Windows 10, the recording quality is terrible.

Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone:

Do you need the best mic for singing online? In that case, go for the Rode NT-USB Condenser mic, as it is ideal for recording music performances & voiceovers. You can expect this mic to produce professional-quality audio without any harsh plosive sounds. That’s because – the manufacturer has installed a pop filter at the mic’s base. It also features a convenient USB connection compatible with multiple recording apps for Windows, Mac Os & Apple iPad. The mic also features a 3.5mm zero-latency headphone jack for real-time check of microphone input.


  • It is a high-quality condenser ser microphone with USB connectivity.
  • As it is compatible with Windows, Mac Os, and Apple IPad, connecting with different recording applications is super convenient.
  • The mic features a 3.5mm jack for continuous monitoring of the input.
  • It also has adjustable dials for proper blending between pre-recorded computer audio & mic input.
  • Rode NT-USB Condenser mic features pop filters to minimize plosive sounds and maximize overall sound quality.
  • It has a high compatibility for WS2 windshield & SMR shock mount.
  • The package contains a desktop mount and stands mount with ⅜-inches thread to record at a comfy pace & height.
  • The brand has offered a one-year warranty which can extend to 2 years after registration.


BrandRØDE Microphones.
Dimensions‎2.44″ x 1.97″ x 7.24″.
Weight1.15 lbs.
Model NumberNT-USB.
Connection TypeUSB.
Hardware InterfaceUSB.
Power SourceElectric cord.
Battery Requirements1 Li-ion battery.
Frequency Range20 Hz to 20000 Hz.
Bit Depth16 bit.
Acoustic PrinciplePresuure gradient (110 db SPL).
Capsule0.5 inches.


  • As it can produce loud & crispy sounds without any hiss, we would consider it the best USB mic for female vocals.
  • The SM6 shock mount can reduce noise to a great extent.
  • Its pop filters are pretty great indeed.


  • As it is extremely sensitive, you can’t use it for home podcasting.


Will Rode provide a warranty?
Yes, they will provide a warranty as long as it is bought from authorized sellers of Rode USA.

Does the package contain a microphone windshield?
Yes, it comes with windshield/ metal pop filters to minimize background noises.

How to make the Rode NT-USB louder on a Windows computer?

  • Open the control panel by turning on the start menu.
  • Click on ‘Sound preferences’ & double click on Rode NT-USB from the recording tab.
  • Lastly, use the slider to adjust the input levels.

Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone:

Our respected client, Monica Tyler, has a high interest in Shure microphones for professional broadcasting & voiceovers. She basically needs a dynamic microphone to amplify every detail of her vocal and to cancel out other noises. That’s why we have specifically recommended investing in the Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone. Why? Because SM7B is the best dynamic mic for live female vocals. It can easily connect you with your fans just by your rich, detailed & industry-level voice.

SM7B mic has a wide range of frequency responses, electromagnetic shielding & standard windscreen perfect for recording voiceovers or speech. This one has also featured an A7WS windscreen to focus on your voice for close talks. It is the latest model of Shure, which has maintained utmost stability with its upgraded bracket design.


  • SM7B is a dynamic microphone with wide frequency responses for producing crystal clear sounds.
  • Their pop filter and suspension shock are a pro in eliminating unwanted noises.
  • This microphone can offer a gain of 60db by their XLR connection and upgraded audio interface.
  • As it is a Cardioid microphone, it can capture sounds with minimum coloration.
  • Other than electromagnetic shielding, it features a close-talk windscreen for close-miking applications & ASMR recording.
  • The manufacturer has offered a free warranty of two years.


Dimensions‎13.3″ x 7.2″ x 4.8″.
Weight2.03 lbs.
Model NumberSM7B.
Connection TypeXLR Connector.
Hardware InterfaceXLR.
Voltage1.12 mV.
Battery RequirementsLi-ion battery.


  • SM7B features a unique audio pattern to add a ‘live feel’ to your voice.
  • This mic is best for podcasting as the windscreen can easily filter high frequencies.
  • Its cardioid audio pattern is awesome for recording louder vocals.
  • This microphone can reduce bleeding if multiple instruments are played simultaneously.



Does SM7B require phantom power?
No, you won’t need phantom power to operate SM7B. However, if you are using any 3rd party preamp, then the preamp will require phantom power indeed.

Can you connect SM7B directly to any device for recording?
As SM7B is an analog device, it is impossible to connect it with other devices digitally. Use an audio interface and connect the mic with the laptop, phone or tablet.

Which connection is used in Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone?
It features XLR connections instead of USB.

Shure SM7B Vs. Blue Yeti: Which one is relatively better?
Among Blue Yeti and Shure SM7B, SM7B is the best one, especially for voiceovers, even though it is pricey as well.

Does the package contain a shock mount or stand?
This microphone didn’t come with a stand, but it features a highly compatible shock-mount suitable for boom arms.

Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone:

After SM7B, Shure has brought a classy dynamic microphone with both USB & XLR connections to record the perfect audio even in untreated rooms. Its modern voice isolation technology can specifically focus on your voice to cancel out the noises. Their auto level mode and Shure app give better control over the tone, sound, mic gain, EQ, limiter, and many more. Due to its vast options of effects & adjustments, we have picked it as the best mic for soft female vocals in 2022!


  • Shure MV7 is a unique mic with both XLR and USB connections for analog as well as a digital sound recording.
  • As it can efficiently focus on your voice & minimize background noises, it’s a great option for podcasting, streaming, or live shows.
  • Use the Shure Motiv App to add customizable effects (dark or bright) to the voice & tone.
  • The app will also assist in determining the ideal distance between you and the mic.
  • Now you can easily observe the microphone’s performance via the built-in headphone monitoring.
  • Their wide frequency response is efficient in producing classy, natural & rich quality vocals.
  • It features a slider to control the mic gain & volume as per convenience.
  • As it is made up of rugged metal, it can ensure superior quality and reliability.
  • The company has offered a free warranty of 2 years.


Dimensions‎4.3″ x 12.3″ x 5″.
Weight 2.31 lbs.
Model NumberMV7-K.
Connection TypeXLR & USB Connector.
Compatible DevicesHeadphones.
Battery Requirements1 Li-ion battery.
Signal FormatDigital.
Hardware PlatformsSmartphone & PC.


  • Shure MV7’s metallic construction is pretty durable.
  • The microphone is pretty flexible, as it can connect through both XLR & USB.
  • Its background noise reduction technology is just incredible.


  • Their cables are not that reliable.


Is it possible to plug & play the Shure MV7?
Yes, it features a USB connection for convenient plugging into the laptop and recording. You don’t require 0hantom power to operate it.
Is MV7 compatible with Smartphones?
Yes, the mic is highly compatible with android & ios for recording.
Does the package contain cables?
Yes, the manufacturer has included a micro USB to USB A cable & micro USB to USB C cable for your maximum convenience.
How much background noise does it pick?
It’s a dynamic microphone with unique pick-up patterns to focus on your voice and prevent unwanted interruptions from the background.

Can you use this mic with Rode PSA 1?
Yes, it performs great with Rode Psa 1. Just adjust the neck screw, and you are ready to go!

Elgato Wave USB Condenser Microphone:

Is it possible to use a condenser mic for live vocals? If you specifically require a condenser for live vocals or streaming, Elgato Wave 3 is the best choice indeed. Why? Because its pick-up patterns are super accurate, and the wave software is enough for eliminating unwanted sounds.

The brand Elgato has manufactured the Elgato USB Condenser mic as a digital mixing solution. Its cardioid pick-up pattern helps in capturing sounds efficiently without picking back noises. They have also brought modern wave software which is incredible for digital mixing, audio routing, and adding audio effects. Trust me; you will definitely love Elgato for its high-end circuitry and anti-distortion technology.


  • Experts have designed the mic with a cardioid condenser capsule to provide the sound quality & sensitivity you will love.
  • This mic also features many upgraded technologies like capacitive mute, low cut filter, efficient clip guards & multi-functional dial.
  • The multi-functional dial features multiple options for input gain, audio mixing, and volume adjustments.
  • Elgato wave link app is efficient in mixing more than seven audio sources. It doesn’t require any external hardware or CPU support for processing.
  • Other than the wave 3 mic, the package contains – a USB C cable, user manual, arm adapter, and desktop stand.


Dimensions‎‎(1.57x 2.6 x 6.02)inches.
Weight1.29 lbs.
Model Number10MAB9901.
Connection TypeUSB-C.
Hardware InterfaceUSB.
Audio Sensitivity15 lb.
Battery RequirementsLi-ion battery.


  • The mc can capture every word with proper accuracy.
  • Its overall sound quality is warm and crispy.
  • Elgato software is just incredible to mix audios & spice up your performance.


⦁ Only a few customers had a hard time setting up the mixing app.


How does Elgato Wave 3 support voiceover artists?
As the microphone can produce the sound of 24-bit/96KHz with excellent clarity, it is one of the best options for voiceover artists indeed. For further editing & upgrade, Elgato features classy software as well.

Which arm is compatible with Elgato Wave 3 mic?
Both wave 1 & wave 3 multi mounts are suitable for this microphone.

Does the Elgato Wave 1 microphone feature a mute button?
Yes, the Elgato Wave 1 has a mute button on the mic’s dial. On the contrary, wave 3 has a multi-function dial, and the mute button lies on the superior aspect of the microphone.

MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone:

Are you looking for the best studio Microphone for female vocals? Among all voiceover artists and singers, XML 770 is famous for its solid bass, superior quality, and versatility. It offers a FET preamp & multi-purpose diaphragm for a superior dynamic range, warm sound & charity. So, you can invest in 770 mic without hesitation.


⦁ XML 770 condenser mic features a 22mm capsule and 6-micron diaphragm.
⦁ Its overall frequency range is around 30 Hz to 20,000 Hz for a reduced rumble.
⦁ The mic offers superior clarity with balanced bass response.
⦁ You can expect a balanced output with low noise, suitable for streaming, podcasting, and voiceovers.
⦁ Other than the 770 mics, the package contains a carrying case & shock mount.


Dimensions‎‎(1.57x 2.6x 6.02) inches.
Weight1 lb.
Model NumberXML-770.
Polar PatternUnidirectional.
Capsule Size22 mm.
Frequency Range30 Hz to 20kHz.


⦁ Best condenser mic within budget.
⦁ It offers an incredible sound quality with a reduced rumble and balanced bass response.
⦁ It is a durable mic suitable for voiceovers or recording instruments like – ukulele, piano, or guitar.


⦁ It doesn’t come with any software for audio editing.


What is phantom power suitable for MXL 770?
You will require around 48V to operate the XML 770. For insurance, plug it in with a PS400 via XLR cable.

What are the compatible shock mounts for MXL 770?
The most compatible shock mounts are – MXL SMP- 1, XML 70 & MXL USM- 001.

What are the switches on MXL 770?
XML 770 features two switches. One switch is for noise reduction & addition of 10 dB. Another switch is for reducing unwanted rumbles.

Rode NT1-A Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone:

Rode NT1-A is the best stage mic for female vocals featuring cardioid polar pattern, high SPL, high dynamic range, and superior clarity. The manufacturer is highly sincere in providing the best performance when you are recording in your home studio. So, they have equipped the mic with a premium quality pop shield, dust cover, shock mount, and a 20-feet cable. It’s an ultra-quiet mic with a noise level as low as 5 dB. That’s why musicians, guitarists, and voiceover artists recommend it as the best microphone for a female voiceover in 2022.


⦁ Rode NT1-A is a large-diaphragm microphone featuring & a 1-inches capsule with a gold-sputtered design.
⦁ As it’s a cardioid microphone with a self-noise level of only 5 dB, it’s an ideal device for studio recording.
⦁ It is a true condenser microphone with high SPL and greater dynamic range.
⦁ Their package contains SM6 Shock Mount, premium dust cover, shock mount, and 6 feet XLR cable.
⦁ The manufacturer has ensured a free one-year warranty from the day of purchase. Users can even extend it up to 10 years by registering on their website.


BrandRode Microphone.
Dimensions‎‎‎15.25″ x 4.5″ x 11″.
Weight2.08 ounces.
Model NumberNT-1A.
Connection TypeXLR Connector.
Connection TechnologyWired
Power SourceAC.
Battery Requirement1 Li-ion battery.
Polar PatternUnidirectional.
Capsule Size1 inch.


⦁ Rode NT1-A offers the best noise reduction at a reasonable price.
⦁ It’s an awesome mic for a professional voiceover.
⦁ The sound quality is crispy and clear.


⦁ A few customers had complained about its build quality.


Is the microphone large enough for rapping?
Yes, the microphone features a large-diaphragm perfect for rapping, singing, and playing instruments.

Is this mic good for voice acting?
Yes, it’s an awesome device, especially if you are using a home studio.

Can you just go for the microphone Instead of the whole package?
Yes, you can, only in the case of Rode NT1 & NT1000 microphones.

Is PSA-1 Enough to handle Rode NT1-A?
Yes, it is durable enough to bear the weight of NT1-A.

Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Vocal Microphone:

The brand Rode wants you to give your best in the broadcasting performance without any compromise. So, they have manufactured a Rode Procaster mic with a tight polar pattern and impressive frequency response.

Among all microphones, we have considered Rode Procaster the best voiceover microphone for 2022. The high dynamic capsule can balance out the low impedance, whereas the pop filters can efficiently eliminate plosive noises.


⦁ Rode podcaster features a high dynamic capsule & superior frequency response for balancing low impedance.
⦁ It is a rigged & robust microphone specifically manufactured with metal.
⦁ Its tight polar pattern is sufficient for picking up sounds with superior accuracy.
⦁ The internal shock mounts are highly suitable for handling low noises.
⦁ Use the pop filters to eliminate plosive sounds and improve the overall sound quality.
⦁ The package contains a – ⅜-inches adapter, zip pouch, and stand mount.


Dimensions‎‎‎11.25″ x 2.5″ x 5.5″.
Weight1.64 lbs.
Connection TechnologyWired
Connection Type XLRXLR
Compatible DeviceRadio.


⦁ The microphone is extremely durable.
⦁ It can efficiently pick up the vocals & cancel out the noises.
⦁ The built-in pop filter is highly functional for reducing plosive noises.
⦁ It is pretty affordable as well.


⦁ Some customers didn’t like its proximity effects.


Does it come with a USB attachment?
No, Rode Procaster features the XLR connection.

Is Rode Procaster any good for recording vocals?
Yes, it’s awesome for broadcasting and voiceovers, especially incredible for recording metallic voices & even death metals.

Can you operate it with behringer xenyx x1204usb?
Yes, but you will require an XLR cable.


Which is the Best microphone for a Female voiceover?

Female voices are high-pitched, melodic, and relatively soothing. That’s why the microphone you will choose must have a larger diaphragm and a wider dynamic range. So, condenser mics will be best indeed to achieve the richest tone in an acoustic recording studio.

Is the condenser mic good for voiceover?

Yes, condenser mics are the best choice for professional voiceover as they have a large-diaphragm, superior sensitivity, and a better dynamic range. So, you can expect a detailed recording with a rich tone.

Will you require an audio interface?

If you have a microphone with an XLR connector, then you will surely require an audio interface. That’s because – computers don’t really come with a ¼-inches XLR connector.

What is the difference between XLR & USB?

The Basic difference between USB and XLR is – the XLR microphone doesn’t feature a built-in audio interface like USB. Nowadays, XLR mics have more popularity due to their versatility.

Are expensive mics better?

Generally, a high-end mic produces better sound than a regular one. However, for voiceover, a microphone of 300$ or $400 should be sufficient enough. Just be wise and choose the right one as per your job’s requirements. Thus, your budget microphone might serve you better than a high-end one.

Can you plug a USB Mic with an IPad?

Yes, you can easily connect the microphone with an IPad by an adapter. However, this connection will suck out the battery faster than usual.

What microphone pattern would be best for an untreated homemade VO box?

We will recommend using a shotgun microphone as they offer superior clarity and noise cancellation. So, don’t be concerned about background noises at all!

Our Final Verdict:

I believe our entire list & exclusive tips gave you a proper guideline to shop for the best microphone for female voiceover. If you have eyes on a voiceover microphone already, try renting it and practicing it in your studio. Thus, you will know how the real-time experience of that voiceover microphone will be. Among our recommendations, I loved Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone for its overall sound quality and noise reduction. You can go for any of them as all of them are pretty versatile and best in their own way. So, pick the best stage mic for female vocals and be ready to rock on the stage!

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