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Airpods Microphone Muffled: How to Improve the Microphone Quality On Your AirPods!

If your AirPods microphone is muffled, there are a few simple steps you can take to try and fix the issue. First, make sure that both AirPods are fully charged and then reset them by pressing and holding down the setup button located on the back of their charging case for at least 15 seconds. After doing this, check to see if you are still having issues with your microphone.

If so, clean out any dirt or debris from both earbuds using compressed air or a toothpick in order to remove any blockages that could be causing muffling. Finally, test out your mic again after completing these steps – if it’s still not working properly then you may need to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

If you’re having trouble with your AirPods microphone muffled, then don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many users have reported issues with their AirPods’ audio quality and muddiness, especially during phone calls. Fortunately, there are several simple fixes that can help clear up the issue.

From cleaning the earbuds to resetting your Bluetooth connection or even updating your device’s firmware, it’s easy to troubleshoot this problem on your own. So if you’ve been struggling with muffled sound from your AirPods, take a few minutes to try out these solutions today!

How to Improve AirPod Microphone Quality: Troubleshooting Guide!

Clean the AirPods:

  • Dirt, lint, or debris can block the microphone and make the audio sound muffled.
  • Use a soft, dry lint-free cloth to clean the AirPods.
  • Avoid using sharp objects or pushing anything into the microphone holes to avoid damaging them.

Check the Microphone Settings:

On an iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings > Bluetooth > (i) next to your AirPods > Microphone. Ensure that the setting isn’t set to “Always Left” or “Always Right” if the problem is only with one AirPod.

Test Each AirPod Separately:

Sometimes, only one of the AirPods might have an issue. Use each AirPod separately to determine if the problem exists in both or just one of them.

Restart Your Device:

Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other device, give it a restart.

Reset the AirPods:

  • Place the AirPods in the charging case and close the lid.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds, then open the lid.
  • On your device, go to Bluetooth settings and “Forget” the AirPods.
  • Now, with the AirPods in the open case, press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the LED light flashes white.
  • Reconnect the AirPods to your device.

Check for Software Updates:

  • On an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • On a Mac, go to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Software Update.
  • It’s important to ensure your device’s software is up-to-date, as updates often include fixes for known issues.

Try on Another Device:

If possible, connect the AirPods to another device to see if the issue persists. This will help determine if the problem is with the AirPods themselves or with the device they’re connected to.

Check Audio Settings:

  • For Mac users: Go to System Preferences > Sound > Input, and choose your AirPods. Ensure the input volume is set to an appropriate level.
  • For iPhone users: While on a call, ensure the audio isn’t being sourced from a different device.

Contact Apple Support:

If none of the above solutions work, it might be a hardware issue, and it’s a good idea to get in touch with Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for professional assistance.

Remember, if your AirPods are still under warranty, Apple may offer a free repair or replacement if they determine there’s a manufacturing defect.

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Airpods Microphone Muffled On Calls

AirPods are becoming increasingly popular, but some users report that their microphone is muffled when using them for phone calls. This can be caused by a number of factors, including poor connection to your device, low battery power on the AirPods themselves or if they’re not properly seated in your ears. To address this issue, check to make sure you have a good connection between your device and the AirPods as well as ensuring that both are fully charged before making any calls.

Additionally, try repositioning the AirPods in your ear until you find the most comfortable fit and sound quality.

Airpods Microphone Muffled!

AirPods microphone muffled issues have been reported on Reddit, with many users noting that the sound quality of their device is significantly lower than expected. While some have suggested that updating or resetting the AirPods may fix this problem, others report no improvement after doing so. It’s possible that the microphone itself has a defect, and Apple or an authorized repair center should be able to help you if it turns out to be a hardware issue.

Airpods Pro Microphone Muffled

If you’ve noticed that the microphone on your AirPods Pro is muffled, it could be due to a few different factors. Common causes of muffled sound include debris blocking one or both of the microphones, moisture trapped in the earbuds, and even poor audio quality from connecting devices. If these problems persist after cleaning and resetting your AirPods Pro, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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Airpods Mic Sound Like Underwater

AirPods have been praised by many for their sound quality, but some people have complained that the microphone sounds like it is underwater. This can be attributed to a phenomenon known as “acoustic shadowing,” which occurs when sound waves are blocked from reaching the microphone due to an obstruction such as earwax or dirt in the earpiece. To combat this issue, Apple recommends cleaning your AirPods regularly with a soft cloth and compressed air.

Additionally, you may want to adjust your audio settings so that the voice-detection feature is enabled, which should help improve clarity during phone calls.

Airpods Microphone Muffled on Iphone

If you own an iPhone and AirPods, you may have noticed that the microphone on your AirPods is muffled when talking through them. This is due to a bug in iOS that affects certain iPhones. To fix this issue, make sure your iPhone has the latest version of iOS installed and then reset your network settings by going into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

If this doesn’t work, try connecting your Airpods to another device such as an iPad or iPod Touch to see if they work properly there.

Airpods Sound Muffled To Others

If people on the other end of a call or video conference say that you sound muffled when using AirPods, there might be several reasons behind this issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps to consider:

Check for Debris or Wax: Over time, earwax, dust, and debris can accumulate on the AirPods’ microphones and speakers. This is one of the most common reasons for muffled sound.

  • Gently clean the microphones and speakers using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Be careful not to push any debris into the openings.
  • A soft-bristled brush can also be helpful to remove debris from the mesh.

Proper Fit: Ensure that the AirPods are properly positioned in your ears. A bad fit might cover up the microphone, making you sound muffled to others.

Check Microphone Setting: If you’re on a device that allows you to choose which microphone is in use (like a computer), ensure that the AirPods are selected as the input device and not the built-in microphone or another external one.

Battery Life: Low battery can sometimes affect the performance. Ensure your AirPods are charged.

Update Firmware: Ensure that your AirPods have the latest firmware update. These updates often come with bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Connect your AirPods to an iOS device.
  • Go to Settings > General > About > AirPods.
  • Check the firmware version. If an update is available, the AirPods will typically update automatically when they’re connected to a charger near the paired iOS device.

Reset AirPods: Sometimes, resetting the AirPods can solve issues:

  • Place the AirPods in their case.
  • Close the lid, wait about 30 seconds, then open it.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and “Forget” the AirPods.
  • Hold the button on the back of the AirPods case until the light flashes amber and then white.
  • Re-pair the AirPods with your device.

Check Surrounding Noise: The AirPods use noise-canceling microphones which can sometimes pick up and reduce background noise, but if you’re in a particularly noisy environment, this can make your voice sound muffled.

Other Hardware Issues: If none of the above solutions work, there might be an underlying hardware issue with the AirPods. It would be best to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for further assistance.

Software or Application-Specific Issue: If the muffled sound problem is only happening in a specific app or software, check for updates for that application or consider reaching out to its customer support.

By systematically going through the above steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the problem. If the issue persists, it might be best to get a professional opinion from an Apple technician or representative.

Airpods Microphone Location

AirPods feature two microphones, one located on the outside of each AirPod. This allows them to pick up your voice even in noisy environments and deliver crystal clear audio when used for phone calls or other audio-chat applications. The dual microphone setup also helps the AirPods cancel out ambient noise so that your voice is always heard loud and clear by whoever you’re speaking with.

How to Clean Airpod Pro Microphone

Cleaning the microphone on AirPod Pros is easy and can be done with a few simple steps. Start by turning off your AirPods and disconnecting them from any devices. Then, use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe away any debris or dirt that may have accumulated on the exterior of each earbud.

To clean out the microphone grille, take an anti-static brush and gently brush it in an outward motion from inside the grille until all dust particles are removed. Finally, lightly dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol before wiping down both microphones for extra protection against buildup.

Airpods Microphone Muffled!



Q1:How Do You Fix a Muffled Airpods Mic?

A1: If your AirPods mic is muffled, there are a few steps you can take to-try and fix the issue.

First and foremost, ensure that your AirPods are fully charged, as low battery levels could be causing the problem. If this isn’t the case then you should check if any debris or dirt has built up on either of the microphones – these can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush.

Additionally, make sure that all settings related to sound input (such as volume control) are configured correctly in order for your AirPods mic to function properly.

Finally, consider resetting your device itself by going into Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings – this will restore factory defaults which may help solve the issue at hand.

Q2:Why is My Voice Muffled on My Airpods?

A2: If your AirPods are muffling your voice, it could be caused by a variety-of issues.

First, make sure that the volume is turned up sufficiently on both the device you’re using and on the AirPods themselves. If this doesn’t solve the problem, check to make sure there isn’t any debris blocking or damaging either side of the pods’ speakers.

Additionally, try resetting your AirPods by pressing and holding down the setup button for at least 15 seconds until you see an amber light blinking twice.

Finally, if these steps don’t work it’s possible that moisture has damaged one or both of your AirPods’ microphones which would require professional repair services to fix them.

Q3: Why Can’T People Hear Me Through My Airpods?

A3: In order for people to be able to hear you through your AirPods, the microphone must be enabled. If it’s not, then sound won’t be transmitted and they won’t be able to hear you. To make sure that your mic is enabled, check the settings on your device and ensure that “Microphone” is checked under Audio Input in the Bluetooth menu.

Additionally, make sure that both AirPods are firmly inserted into your ears so that they’re picking up sound from both sides of your mouth clearly.

Finally, try speaking a little louder than usual as sometimes background noises can interfere with audio transmission.

Q4: Why Does My Airpods Microphone Sound Muffled?

A4: A muffled microphone on your AirPods can occur due to various reasons, including debris in the microphone openings, software glitches, or hardware problems.

Q5: How Can I Clean My Airpods Microphone?

A5: To clean your AirPods microphone, gently use a soft-bristle brush or compressed air to remove any debris or dust from the microphone openings. Be careful not to push debris further into the openings. Cleaning can often improve microphone performance.

Q6: What If Cleaning Doesn’t Work?

A6: If cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, it might be a software problem. Ensure your AirPods are updated to the latest firmware by connecting them to your iPhone and going to Settings > General > About > AirPods. If there’s a firmware update available, install it.

Q7: How Can I Reset My Airpods?

A7: Resetting your AirPods can help resolve software-related issues. To reset them, place both AirPods in the case, keep the lid open, and press and hold the button on the back of the case until the LED indicator starts flashing amber. Then, repair them with your device.

Q8: What If The Microphone Issue Persists?

A8: If the microphone still sounds muffled after cleaning and resetting, it could be a hardware issue. In this case, contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for further assistance. Your AirPods may need repair or replacement.

Q9: Could It Be A Compatibility Issue With My Device?

A9: It’s possible that the muffled microphone issue is related to your device. Ensure your AirPods are fully compatible with your device and that you’re using the latest operating system. Check if the issue persists when using your AirPods with a different device to rule out compatibility problems.

Q10: Can I Use A Third-party Microphone App?

A10: You can try using a third-party microphone app from the App Store to see if it improves the microphone quality. Some apps offer additional settings and features for adjusting microphone performance.

Q11: What If My Airpods Are Still Under Warranty?

A11: If your AirPods are under warranty, contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store. They may be able to provide a replacement or repair your AirPods at no cost if the issue is covered by the warranty.

How To FIX AirPods Microphone Quality!


This blog post has been extremely helpful in providing tips on how to resolve the issue of a muffled microphone with Airpods. From cleaning out lint and debris, checking for software updates, or resetting your device, there are numerous ways to combat this issue. With all these possible solutions, it is likely that you can get your Airpods functioning back at its best again soon!